This page contains resources on sex workers’ activism and struggle for the recognition of sex work as work.

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A2 poster

A2 poster

History of sex workers’ movement:

ICRSE, Sex Workers’ Rights: Report of the European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration, Brussels 2005 (2007)

 NSWP, History of the NSWP and the Sex Worker Rights Movement

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Advocacy and activism for sex workers’ rights – toolkits:

ICRSE, Hands Off Our Clients! Advocacy and Activism Toolkit against the Criminalisation of Clients (2013)

NSWP, The Real Impact of the Swedish Model on Sex Workers. Advocacy Toolkit (2014)

Sex Workers Project, Media Toolkit on Sex Work and Human Rights (2007)

Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform, Sex Work on the Hill. A Guide to Getting Involved in Legislative Processes that Impact on our Lives (2014)

The Swedish Model

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Decriminalisation of sex work

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Resources from European sex workers’ rights network organisations

Sex Workers‘ Rights Advocacy Network, Arrest the Violence: Human Rights Abuses against Sex Workers in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (2009)

Sex Workers‘ Rights Advocacy Network, Failures of Justice. State and Non-State Violence Against Sex Workers and the Search for Safety and Redress. (2015)

Sex Workers‘ Rights Advocacy Network, Reporting from the Shadows. Using CEDAW to Advocate for Sex Workers’ Rights in Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (2013)

ICRSE, Nothing about us without us! Ten years of sex workers‘ rights advocacy and activism in Europe. (2015)

ICRSE, Underserved. Overpoliced. Invisibilised. LGBT Sex Workers Do Matter. (2015)

ICRSE, Community Report on Structural Violence. (2015)

ICRSE, Community Report on Exploitation: Unfair labour arrangements and precarious working conditions in the sex industry. (2016)